Trans-Asian Railway

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir proposed to build an international railway from Kunming through Laos, Thailand, Malaysia to Singapore at the Fifth ASEAN Summit. This plan has been approved by the countries concerned, so it is called "Trans-Asian Railway". The railway is scheduled to be completed within 30 years and the total investment is estimated to exceed $2 billion. China plans to invest 12.8 billion yuan.

After the TAR is open to traffic, the trans-asian golden corridor is a business opportunity. In addition to boosting local economy, tourism development and industrial value-added, transportation convenience will also promote bilateral relations and economic and trade exchanges between ASEAN countries and China. Trans-Asian Railway, known as the "Iron Silk Road", is like an economic ties that link the railways of various countries and connect the friendship, economy, trade, blessing and happiness of all countries.

According to the plan, TAR travels through China, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and other countries. With Kunming as the hub center, it is divided into the middle, east and west lines, with a total length of 14,110 kilometers. Among them, there are 1577 kilometers in China alone.