Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country composed mainly of Malays, Chinese, Indians and a number of indigenous peoples.

According to the 2010 Malaysian census, the total population is 28,334,135. Among them, 91.8% of the nationals and 8.2% of the foreigners. Among the nationals, Malays account for 54.6%, Chinese for 24.6%, Indians for 7.3%, and other ethnic groups for 0.7%.

The official language of Malaysia is Malay, and all official matters are handled mainly in Malay. In everyday life, the language of communication between the same family is in their native language. But communication between different races usually uses Malay or English.。

Islam is the main religion in Malaysia, with a total of 61.3 per cent of Islam. In addition, 19.8% believe in Buddhism, while 9.2% believe in Christianity, 6.3% believe in Hinduism, 1.3% believe in traditional Chinese religion or Taoism, and 0.4% believe in other religions, 0.7 % of people do not have religious beliefs, and 1.0% of the population has an unknown religion.