Best Medical Country - Malaysia Ranks Top

The Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) recently released the annual ranking of the top 10 Medical tourism hospitals in the world.

In 2012, according to an article published in Scientific American, Malaysia ranked second in the world in terms of quality treatments and medical tourism;

In 2013, the Taizige Medical Center in Malaysia was selected by MTQUA as the first place in the world's Medical tourism organization;

In 2014, in the ranking of the world's most ideal retirement countries published by the International Life website, Malaysia ranked third in the global rankings with “high quality and low price medical services comparable to the West” and ranked first in Asia.

Not long ago, Malaysia won the "2015 Best Medical Tourism Destination" award from IMTJ.

Malaysia's natural scenery is so beautiful, and its medical level is advanced. It is a good experience to recuperate and treat in a place without stress. Malaysians must have discovered the great potential of their country in this respect.

"Medical tourism" is becoming a key development area in Malaysia every year. Malaysia has also emerged as a world-class emerging medical tourism hot spot in recent years.