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Popular Landmarks in Kuala Lumpur - Damansara Heights
Gathering elite talents in high-level fields The most luxurious area has a green living environment Adjacent to the high-end residential area, the charm of the Damansara apartment is doubled Damansara Heights, known as "Girung Beverly Hills" Is Malaysia's most wealthy and luxurious villa area "Product Features"

  • The largest comprehensive development of Damansara Heights is currently combined with the Commercial Building, Shopping Mall, Luxury Hotel and Superior
  • Residential Building.
  • With the reputation of the city of Regal Kuala Lumpur, just 15 minutes drive from Gemini
  • It is a 5-minute walk to Damansara Station and only 4 stops to Bukit Bintang.
  • Fashion mansion community planning, foreigners' preferred housing
  • Take the elevator to the Damansara City Mall and enjoy the leisure, entertainment and fashion life circle.
  • Close to world-renowned (Sofitel) luxury hotels for a luxurious taste
  • Adjacent to Hong Kong's Hong Leong Building, internationally renowned companies settle in and demand for business guest housing is high.
  • Imported brand kitchen and bathroom to create a diverse living style
  • Rarely built into the house, you can have an immediate return
  • Permanent title
  • The interior of the building is high, showing a brilliant and beautiful life