Pavilion Embassy
  1. A project developed by the prestigious developer Global Oriental Group.
  2. This project is located in the famous Embassy Road, the heart of the international community.
  3. This is a 5.75-acre comprehensive development plan. Development projects include commercial office buildings, serviced apartments and garden residences
  4. This permanent land is located in the prime location of Kuala Lumpur, just 1.2 km from Kuala Lumpur Gemini.
Project highlights:
  • Located on the Anbang Embassy Road, 5 minutes walk to the MRT station and 10 minutes to Gemini.
  • The design was designed by Konzepte (Melbourne Design Team).
  • Interior design designed by a world-class Top 100 Ming within -MARCO VAN HAM, British security firm GDSSSystem control.
  • British security firm GDSSSystem control.
  •  (Security system includes: security control room, guard room, patrol system, vehicle access control system, more than 70 closed-circuit televisions, etc.)
  • Free parking, 775 square feet, 1 parking space, 198 square feet, 1 large parking space (two cars can be parked), 1211 square feet, 2 parking spaces (side by side).
  • Freehold title.
  • The indoor building is 3.1 meters high.
  • There are 10 households on each floor, divided into the south and the north (a total of 5 households), and the south and the north are not connected.
  • 5 households share 3 elevators, the same second in the same ladder (elevator speed 3.5 m / s, can accommodate about 17 people).
  • Provide a lawyer's custodian to facilitate overseas payment, up to 50% of the project payment. (payment according to the project payment method