Troika June 2020 - 10
【The Troika】

The Troika is a dream house and a dream of the British Rubber Development Council
- the most popular and most desirable hotel-style management apartment in the city's most popular location.

Creativity to become a reality, the Zhuojia team decided to combine Foster and partners to create a new residential landmark for Kuala Lumpur, next to the beautiful Gemini building.
Norman Forster and Partners buildings can be easily identified, not just because of its beauty and drama, mainly because of its excellent infrastructure and the use of outstanding space. Forster's method can simply use a word to express – details.

He is born with enthusiasm for architectural engineering and design.
When the aesthetics is taken for granted, Foster and the partners are equally concerned with the social dimension of their creations, that is to maintain the quality of life and to create a place where everyone wants to go.