2019.MAY_Imperio 皇萱灣01_成屋照

IMPERIO, elegant and comfort space to get the perfect balance. Experience the unparalleled honor and elegance.

Its unique U-shaped building appearance, carefully shaping the vivid open space.

Soft light accompanied by fresh sea breeze goes through each household.

Enjoy unlimited comfort.

Located on the 13th floor to the 33th floor. The mini-oasis of the air in the cascade of outdoor leisure facilities not only provide you with a comfortable green environment, but also to watch the Promise of the Malacca Strait Seaview and Malacca World panorama.

IMPERIO apartment brings you the landscape adjacent to the incomparable harmony of the perfect quality of life.

  • Malaysia Malacca City Center
  • Five-star Hilton Hotel
  • Connect two senior Shopping Malls
  • Long new high-speed rail, 30 minutes to Kuala Lumpur, 1 hour to Singapore
  • The world's first air trail, the top floor without border 360-degree air lookout
  • Watch the invincible sea view of the Malacca Strait
  • Infinity pool, super five-star seaside resort entertainment resort facilities
  • 2019.MAY_Imperio 皇萱灣01_成屋照360度實景
    2019.MAY_Imperio 皇萱灣01_成屋照360度樣品屋