Conglomerate Business

  • JVV International Property Management Limited, led by the team leader Wang Xiuying. With the integration of tourism, real estate and property management the three majors professional experience, to take care of all real estate after the property management.
  • Including all the details of the property management, the sale of property, loans, payment, payment, house, decoration, rent, rent, repair, paying fees, commission and other property management of all the details.

The Museum of Jade Art was founded in Taipei in Dec 2017.

Focusing on jadeite, there may very well be no other museum quite like it anywhere else in the world.

  • Was established in September 2002 (renamed in April 2012) headquarter is located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.
  • Service centers are located in Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Japan. In the future, we plan to set up branches in Hong Kong, Singapore and other places to expand the Asia-Pacific region.
  • As a result of long-term cooperation with the Malaysian government, we got the government’s support and trust. JVV international immigrant now is Malaysia's second home program agent.
Was established in 2001, is a well-known brand in Taiwan, started by tourism Malaysia.

High-quality travel arrangements for numerous visitors certainly is a pioneer in Taiwan's tourism industry.

After years of overseas tourism product development and customer service, and to serve abroad to foreign tourism groups and business travelers, set up a "Taiwan tour" INBOUND business unit.

At the same time, "Taiwan Travel" also won the 2007 World Tourism Common Foundation awarded the global travel agency service award. We are the best quality tourism. Customized travel, according to customers’ needs to arrange the best business or vacation travel.

  • Was established in 2001, ensure the "health tourism SPA"to the costumers.
  • JoJoBa Spa is working with the Malaysian Tourism Department to promote a healthy, relaxing and helpful SPA. It is also the largest travel spa in Malaysia.