Words from President

My original family was in Anhui. I was born in Taiwan and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan.Twenty-eight years ago,
I happened to be in Malaysia with a beautiful and pleasant climate and started a business here.
Because I have been operating in Malaysia for many years, and I have the largest tourism and sightseeing SPA in Malaysia
- JoJoBa SPA, I have won the support and recognition of the Malaysian government and was selected to promote MM2H
and act as a sponsor.

At the same time, because of the customer's production needs, we set up real estate sales, rental and property management
companies in Malaysia to provide services for many students studying abroad.We also provide a full range of services for
short-term leisure vacations, investment and wealth management, and retirement LOHA friends.

Over the years, I have deeply realized in this friendly country that this is a business investment paradise and a platform for young
people to play well. I am starting from Taiwan and developing in Malaysia. Today, I dare to say that I have succeeded in getting rich.

I am willing to share some life experiences and dare thoughts with the young friends of the world
and the parents of young friends based on these entrepreneurial experiences.

I am convinced that dreams are the greatest asset in life,
but remember to practice them.