Malaysia My Second Home Project

You can have a second home without natural disasters, and you can invest and settle without spending a lot of money. My Second Home Malaysia (MM2H), which is supported by Malaysian government. It provides many benefits to foreigners who want to invest or move to Malaysia. At present, Malaysia's overall investment environment can be said to be excellent, MM2H can easily realize the dream of overseas settlers and immigrants.。

7 environmental advantages

  • Cost of living: one of the lowest in Asia
  • Climate: no natural disasters, warm and pleasant throughout the year
  • Political stability: steady political and economic growth
  • Water and drinks: fully potable tap water and safe food
  • Health care: an efficient health care system that meets international standards
  • Internationalization of Education: International School, International Diploma
  • Greening environment: 70% of forest green area

7 major welfares

  • Children’s education
  • Tax free pension
  • Purchasing real estate
  • No immigration supervision
  • Part time job
  • 10 years free entry and exit visa
  • Can bring in or hire a servant