Application process for MM2H project

MM2H Application Process Charges and Service Comparison Chart

【MM2H 官網】2020 JVV英文官網-MM2H申請流程(英)-01
  • JVV International Group was established in 2009, and is cared and trusted by Malaysia government.
  • Now we are the agent of Malaysia's second home program. We have "Taiwanese Immigration" and "Malaysia's second home program sponsor" double license. We are the only one can do one-stop service and perfect after-sales service.
【MM2H 官網】2020 JVV英文官網-MM2H申請流程(英)-b
【MM2H 官網】2020 JVV英文官網-MM2H申請流程(英)-c
【MM2H 官網】2020 JVV英文官網-MM2H申請流程(英)-04