General problem

1Does the company legally sell Malaysian properties?
JVV Group is a legally practicable real estate company. Our services include land sales, case development, real estate investment and property management... etc., which have been deeply cultivated in Malaysia for more than 20 years.
2 Is it safe to invest in Malaysian real estate transactions?
Our trading process is based solely on the requirements of the law.

If you sign a sale and purchase agreement in Malaysia, the signing process will be explained by the local practicing lawyer and assist in the completion of the contract.

If you sign a sale and purchase agreement in Taiwan, we will accompany you to the Malaysian Taiwan Trade and Economic Cooperation Office to complete the contract execution.

3 What is the title of the land lease if the property is invested in Malaysia?
A3 Malaysia's properties are classified as permanent title and valid title deeds, depending on the type of land lease you purchase.
Before we sell the items, we will carefully explain all the information about the property. Please do a comprehensive evaluation.

Buying a house

1 Does the house have a warranty period? how long?
According to the terms of the contract of sale (standardized), the developer shall be responsible for the damages, reductions and other defects of the land, buildings and public works caused by poor construction or poor quality of building materials. (Depending on the case), and within 30 days after receiving the written notice from the buyer, the repair is completed.
2 What documents will I sign when I buy a house?
. Documents that the buyer should sign:

1. Sale and Purchase Contract (SPA)
2.Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC)
3.Property / tiered title transfer
4.Other letters or contracts developed by the developer (depending on the needs of different projects and developers)

3 What is the foreigner's purchase permit?
- According to the 1965 National Land Law, non-Malaysians should be able to obtain real estate after obtaining the consent of the state government. Industrial areas or industrial users are excluded.
- The application time is 3~4 months. The fee depends on whether the developer absorbs it or not. If it is not absorbed, it will be paid by the buyer.
- The application is handled by a designated law firm. If not approved, the sale and purchase contract will be terminated immediately and the developer will arrange a refund for the deposit.
Note: Foreigners are not allowed to purchase residential properties with a price less than RM1 million.
4 Delay in payment of the project, is there any interest?
Delay in payment of project price x Interest rate / 365 x delay days For example, the total house price is 7 million, the project progress is 60%, and the project payable is 4.2 million. If the customer pays only 3.5 million (50% of the total project price), the loan can be loaned to 55%, but the bank has not yet allocated funds. (4.2 million-3.5 million) x 12% (estimated annual interest rate) / 365 x delayed days

Tax issue

1 Malaysian Housing Tax
nonrecurring expense

Agreement for Sale and Purchase:
Attorney fees, government services, Memorandum of Transfer, lawyer-related miscellaneous fees

B. Loan contract (payable if you apply)
Attorney fees, government service tax, Memorandum of Transfer, lawyer-related miscellaneous fees, valuation fees

C. Property / tiered title transfer
Attorney fees, government service tax, Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) (there are additional loans to the mortgage loan contract lawyer MOC, government service tax, Memorandum of Transfer, lawyer-related miscellaneous fees, etc.)

D.Fine decoration costs (depending on the construction needs)
Depending on the indoor area, house use, and price fluctuations at the time of renovation

E. Buyer's agency service fee
2% of the house price

2. recurrent expenditure

A.Quit rent and assessment
Payment time: twice a year - 2/28, 8/31
The amount varies depending on the location
The government has the right to change the tax due to the appreciation of the house.

B.Local taxes
Once a year - 2/28 One square mile is about RM0.06
EX:1,013sqft x RM0.06= RM60.78
The government has the right to change the tax due to the appreciation of the house.

C.Fire insurance
Once a year
According to the different insurance companies. About RM1000/year

D. Building management fee
Once every three months
Received every three months

E. Reserve Maintenance Fund
Once every three months
In general, the fee is 1/10 of the building management fee.

F.Property management fee
Once every six months
According to the size of the area, each household is charged separately each month.

G.Rental agency fee
Once a year
One month rent/year

3. Industry profit and tax
If an individual or company owns 5 years of real estate (including), it must pay 5% of the industry profit and tax according to the profit.

4. Other tax expenses
Seller’s agency and service fees, fees for foreigners’ approval letters, personal income tax

Note: The above information is mainly based on the annual announcement of the Malaysian government.


1 Malaysia loan period?
Up to 35 years, or until the borrower is 65 years old, whichever is first. However, sometimes the length of the loan can be extended due to the professional particularity of the borrower's occupation (subject to bank evaluation).
2 Malaysia loan interest rate?
BLR% - Bank discount % (depending on the bank) The BLR is the national standard rate, which is a floating rate. The National Central Bank will be announced at the beginning of each year. For example, in 2014, it was 6.85%, and the bank discount was 2.3% (BLR), so the loan interest rate in 2014 was 4.55% (6.85%-2.3%=4.55%).

Property management

1 How to deal with the daily expenses and maintenance of Malaysian real estate?
You can entrust us with the full authority, we are the only company in the whole market that can achieve complete and consistent process services. We have our own legally managed property management company in Malaysia to provide customers with no worries about property management. It includes the payment of daily expenses and house repairs, so you don't have to worry about the care of the property.
2 What should I do if I want to sell or rent a property in Malaysia in the future?
You can entrust us with the full authority. Our group has a legal real estate agency and a partner in the local business.
Whether you have real estate related sales or rental needs, we can help you plan and provide services for you.
3 How do I collect rent after renting a property in Malaysia?
You only need to open a private bank account in person to Malaysia, and the rent can be directly transferred to your account, you can instantly confirm your monthly rental income status by going online.


1 Malaysian entry and exit traffic information
For related information, please visit the website of Malaysia Tourism Bureau. The URL is as follows: Http:// Malaysia Tourism Bureau website
2 Precautions for exit and entry
※[Malaysia does not accept dual citizenship and can only enter and leave with one passport] It is strongly recommended that all holders of multinational passports must first complete a Malaysian visa. Otherwise, if you are unable to enter Malaysia successfully or are repatriated, the passengers are solely responsible. ※ Pregnant women who have been pregnant for more than 6 months cannot enter Malaysia.
3 Emergency calls and enquiries in Malaysia?
Ambulance and police station 999; enquiry telephone 103.
4 How should I make international calls between Taiwan and Malaysia?
Taiwan hits Malaysia: 002 + 60 + area code (go 0) + phone number Example: 002 60 31234567 (local) 002 60 123456789 (mobile phone) Malaysia calls back to Taiwan : 00 + 886 + area code (go 0) + phone number Example: 00886 2 25149704 (local) 00886 912345678 (Mobile)
5 Is there a visa to go to Malaysia?
As of April 12, 2011, all passengers with a Taiwanese passport can enjoy visa-free access within 15 days at all entry points in Malaysia. However, the passport must have a validity period of six months or more. For example, on May 22, 2013, the passport must be in the period after November 22, 2013.
6 What is the voltage in Malaysia?
The voltage is between 220~240 volts; the specification is European regulations.
7 What is the exchange rate of the Malaysian Ringgit to the New Taiwan Dollar and the Malaysian Ringgit to the US Dollar?
Approximately RM$13 = NT$100; RM$12 = US$3 *Exchange rate information is for reference only, please refer to the bank announcement for the actual exchange rate.
8 Where can I redeem for Malaysian Ringgit?
At present, Taiwan's banks that can exchange Malaysian coins include Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan Bank (Head Office) 02-2349-3456, and Mega Bank (outside the country) 02-2563-3156. Or you can redeem it at local international airports and restaurants in Malaysia.
9 How to get from Kuala Lumpur Airport to the city? How long does it take? A few minutes per shuttle? How much is the fare? Where to ride?
It can be reached by KLIA express in about 28 minutes. Train number: one bus in 15 minutes; one-way fare: RM 35. You can take this express on the first floor of the airport.


1Do you need to retake your driver's license when driving in Malaysia?
It is not necessary to drive in Malaysia and can be directly replaced with a Malaysian driver's license.
2Is there a tax on interest on time deposits in MM2H?
3Can I withdraw my designated time deposit after I successfully participate in this program?
Unless approved by the local immigration office, or if the applicant intends to waive the right to reside in Malaysia
Otherwise, the time deposit of the specified amount must be retained as required by the plan.
However, some time deposits can be invested in government-approved investment projects after one year:
investment in real estate, education, medical care (three major projects, etc.) (required relevant information)
After one year, you can apply for the amount for:
Can be raised under 50 years old: RM 150,000
More than 50 years old can be raised: RM 50,000
4After participating in this program, do I have to live in Malaysia?
No need, only after the first time in Malaysia
Free access to Malaysia, no time limit for residence.
5How to improve the chance of MM2H receiving approval?
Detailed financial documentation (including other asset certificates) for the main applicant is required.

The main applicant is under 50 years oldThe main applicant is over 50 years old
Bank deposit certificate of NT$5 million or more (RM500,000)Bank deposit certificate of more than 3 million Taiwan dollars (RM350,000)
Proof of at least NT100,000 (RM10,000) income per month for the last three monthsProof of at least NT100,000 (RM10,000) income per month for the last three months
Payroll and passbook accounting information and employment certificate for the past three monthsPayroll and passbook accounting information and employment certificate for the past three months
6What benefits do people who participate in this program enjoy?
1.After the applicant has obtained the government approval of MM2H status, he can apply to the Bank of Malaysia for a higher loan to purchase the property. The loan amount is about 60%-60%-80% (depending on personal financial conditions).
2.Time deposit interest rate (depending on the bank's annual interest rate of about 3.3% to 3.45%)
3. Interest on time deposits can be tax-free (please refer to the following time deposits)
4. Can bring the same domestic helper to Malaysia
5.Free access to Malaysia during the MM2H period
7 How to renew my application?
After the expiration of the 10-year validity period of the visa, the applicant may apply for a residence permit and multiple entry periods to the Immigration Bureau by himself or through the sponsor.
8 How long is the approved time schedule?
Under normal circumstances, all applications with matching conditions will be processed and approved within 90-180 days after submission.
9MM2H application qualification?
This program is open to all citizens of Malaysia-recognized countries and is not subject to race, religion, gender or age.
The main applicant's application process is allowed to bring a spouse, an unmarried child under the age of 21, and a parent of the main applicant over 60 years old. (Please refer to the website

Malaysia My Second Home Program Description:
The "Malaysia My Second Home" (MM2H) program is a 10-year multi-entry social residence permit (Social Visit Pass) promoted by the Malaysian government to allow foreigners who meet certain financial and documentary standards to be issued. The main applicant's passport is valid based on the validity period, and successful applicants can enter and leave Malaysia freely for a long time, and the validity period can be updated.

10How to participate in MM2H to open an account, how to go to Malaysia Bank
There will be someone to lead you to open an account in Malaysia.
Want to open an account in Malaysia must have: MM2H approval letter or a copy of the real estate sale and purchase agreement
11 How to open an account?
As long as the MM2H approval is confirmed, the company can assist in the initial account opening and transfer enough MM2H deposit amount to the Malaysian account.
This saves the need to open an account before the interview in Malaysia, and can now assist with the default account opening: Bank of China Limited. Due to the relatively complete HSBC service package, guests are advised to apply at HSBC.
12 What is the chance of success in the interview?
Basically, the long-term immigration professional office will strictly review the information.
After the information is complete, it will be sent to the immigration office, so the approval rate is very high, and there may be financial problems.
More time-savings need to be supplemented with new financial related certificates.
13What are the conditions for handling MM2H international insurance?
Qualified insurance policy conditions:
1.Those who are over 60 years old do not need to provide
2.Each person needs to provide two originals (taken during the interview)
3. From the beginning of the application date, no more than 3 months in total
4. Medical insurance is valid for at least one year
5.Daily hospitalization allowance is at least NTD1000 yuan or more
6.The word "worldwide" must appear on the English policy to prove that it is suitable for international
7.Required to stamp the Commissioner's seal or signed by the Commissioner
8.It is necessary to stamp the seal of the insurance company.
14 How many times do you have to go to Malaysia for the entire MM2H interview and certification process?
From the receipt of the interview notice to the final identity of Malaysia My Second Home, the customer only needs to go once.
15What is the way to apply for MM2H? When will it be paid?
For a long time, the International Immigration Company has a regular service from the handling of the delivery to the delivery and interviews.
The commissioner will explain and assist in the handling of the case. After signing the MM2H contract, 50% of the fee will be paid. After the approval, the payment will be paid on the 7th day before the interview.

Study Tour(ELS)

1Malaysian College and University
Malaysia welcomes international students to pursue higher education.
There are many public or private higher education institutes offering different areas of professional courses.
The benefits and double-education subjects of foreign courses make Malaysia a favorite place for higher education institutions.

Private university
For private universities, foreign students have many choices.
Students can choose from old university courses, special degree courses, professional and semi-professional courses, English classes, internationally recognized licenses and diplomas.
One of the most popular choices for both domestic and foreign students is the 3+0 course.
In accordance with this course, a private university will be licensed by its foreign sister school (or school headquarters) to conduct a degree program in Malaysia.
As a result, students can earn a degree in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, France, New Zealand or Canada in Malaysia without going abroad.

There are also many international students who choose to take pre-university courses such as GCE A, SAM, AUSMAT and CIMP.
Students can also take the foreign skills test and will find that these universities have excellent equipment to help them obtain licenses.
Such as: MICPA, MIA, ACCA-UK, ICSA-UK, CIMA-UK, CPA-AustralialEM and EC-UK. Some research disciplines also allow students to collaborate with foreign universities.

Foreign university branch
Foreign universities are willing to set up branch campuses in Malaysia, which shows a high level of education in the country.
Providing the same diploma as the school headquarters also ensures a quality education.
Students can enjoy the same benefits as their alma mater, such as auto-registration and the opportunity to stay in their alma mater for one or more semesters without worrying about the interruption of the study.
Therefore, students enrolled in the Malaysian branch can afford a lighter amount and receive the same diploma as the Australian and British alma mater.
In the area of a university, various areas of a bachelor's or master's degree program include: business, practical science, engineering, information technology, and medicine.

Private universities and colleges
Malaysia offers a relaxed option for local universities or colleges that have been awarded qualifications.
These universities or colleges and universities are regulated by internationally identifiable institutions (LANs) with strict and necessary conditions.
International students have a variety of pre-university courses and bachelor's, master's, postgraduate and other diplomas.
Global certification and reasonable fees make these institutions a popular choice for local and foreign students.

National University
International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) is the only public university in the country.
It is operated by a committee represented by the host government and organizations, including Malaysia (host country), Maldives, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).
It offers a wide range of subject choices including economic, legal and natural sciences.

Public higher education institution
The public higher education institutions in the country include universities, colleges, community colleges, colleges, and science and technology universities.
Almost all public universities in the country offer subjects such as art, anthropology, engineering, and information technology.
International students have the opportunity to promote their studies at public universities or colleges, especially in research programs.

2Malaysia School Type
Students of all ages or grades will find it a practical option to study in Malaysia.
There are many different types of schools in Malaysia.

International and Overseas Chinese School
Malaysia has an excellent living environment, a comfortable climate and a stable society, making it a very attractive destination for people all over the world.
Adapting to the needs of growing expatriate communities, the Ministry of Education promotes the creation of international and overseas Chinese schools.
These schools provide educational content in accordance with the customs of countries, including the school systems of the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Indonesians and Saudi Arabians.
Enable local students in Malaysia to continue their research without interruption. Students prepare for IGCSE, O-Levels, A-Levels, and IB exams.
In addition to foreign students, Malaysian students who meet the educational institution's rules and study conditions can also enroll in international schools.

private school
International students can choose from basic or secondary schools in their country.
These private schools offer a syllabus that meets the Malaysian Unified Curriculum.
English is the main language of instruction, while mathematics, natural sciences, and scientific information are taught in English.
Malaysian nationality and foreign students can enroll in school.

Independent Chinese Secondary School
These schools are taught in Mandarin in accordance with the teaching guidelines set by the Ministry of Education. These schools are enrolled in Malaysian national and foreign students.
Most of these schools have their own certification exams, such as UEC. However, students can also choose to take the Malaysian Public Examination.

Private religious school
The private religious school curriculum pays special attention to Islam in comparison to the Malaysian national curriculum.
The combined religious curriculum of some schools is designated by the Islamic department.
The language of instruction used is Barcelona Malaysian (national language), English and Arabic.

Public school
Public schools (also known as national schools) are free and taught in Malay.
These schools use a unified syllabus in Malaysia. Some public schools (national schools) teach in Beijing or Tamil.
However, students are also taught in Malay and English.
All public schools use English to teach mathematics, natural sciences, and information and communications technology (ICT) to train students to take joint exams such as UPSR, PMR, SPM, and STPM.
Foreign students can be accepted by public schools as long as the following conditions are met:
- Diplomat's child
- Parents have a work authorization
- Parents have a fixed residence status

3What are the advantages of Malaysian international students?
Regional Center Education Advantages, Malaysia offers many advantages for international students:
International qualification
Enjoy a high standard of education and international certification courses. The certifications provided here are equivalent to those issued in Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

International union
Many schools or colleges in the UK, Australia, the US and Canada work with foreign universities.
Students can use double-education subjects to save costs and use a bank transfer to obtain a foreign degree at a reasonable cost.
Learn from Malaysia's one-of-a-kind 3+0 course or complete a 2+1 overseas course.

Wide choice
Students will find a wide range of options for their studies, including academic and technical majors.
Choose from traditional popular subjects such as engineering, medicine, or business, computer science, or information technology.
There are also more and more people studying for subjects such as art, design, music, literature, fashion and cooking.

Teaching in English
English is the language of instruction in schools, colleges, universities, etc. The same is true of the most famous universities in Malaysia.
The library also has a wealth of English books and materials.

Compared to traditionally popular countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, Malaysia’s tuition is relatively cheaper.
Students can benefit from a cheap tuition system.

Cost of living
Malaysia's low cost of living is extremely attractive to international students.
Most colleges have dormitories and even meals (service apartments, housing complexes or apartments).
Transportation (such as trains and buses) and food and beverage costs are also reasonable.

Knowledge and skills
Through innovative teaching methods, practical training, practical internships, or the development of state-of-the-art facilities provided by universities or colleges in Malaysia.Students have access to a wide range of skills.

Political stability
Malaysia is a stable country where students can study here with peace of mind.
The welcoming and hospitable enthusiasm is a local speciality that will bring you a pleasant learning experience.

Entry simplification
Malaysia offers simple immigration procedures.
From the arrival of the international students, international students can feel the welcome of the educational institutions at the airport. All necessary arrangements, such as accommodation and transportation, can be taken care of to ensure that students are relaxed and stress-free on the first day in Malaysia.

4 Is there a bilingual school recommended for children?
The Ma Guoxue system follows the English system and is divided into three semesters each year.
The first semester is from January to April, the second semester is from April to July, and the third semester is from July to November.
The tuition fees of Chinese schools are very low, but they are all taught in simplified Chinese characters, which is more uncomfortable for my colleagues.
It is more suitable for readers to have a "Chinese Taipei School in Kuala Lumpur" (the "Penang Taiwan Overseas Chinese School" in Penang) and a foreign language school for teaching foreign children. It is described as follows:
1. Chinese Taipei School in Kuala Lumpur
The school is funded by my government. It is mainly for the children of our Malaysian investment companies.
There are 3 primary schools, middle schools and high schools. The academic system is exactly the same as that of domestic schools. In terms of tuition fees, primary schools are 3,000 RM per year, 4,200 RM in the middle, and 6,000 RM in the high school. Freshmen of all grades are required to pay an additional 2,000 RM and a school fund of 1,000 RM.

2.Second, foreign language school
The school system is an American system, which is the largest in Malaysia, with the best school performance and the most expensive tuition school.
There are 4 kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools.
Each academic year is divided into two semesters, the last semester begins in mid-August to the end of December, and the next semester begins in January to June.
Tuition fees for kindergartens and primary schools for the 2005-2006 academic year are 36,224 RM per academic year, tuition for secondary schools is 41,712 RM per academic year, and tuition for high schools is 45,194 RM per academic year.
ENROLLMENTFEE 13,598 RM must be paid at the time of enrolment, and RE-ENROLLMENT FEE 3,539 RM will be paid each year from the second year onwards.

The school system is a British system. It is one of the preferred foreign language schools in Kuala Lumpur. It has 4 kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools. Each school year is divided into 3 semesters. The first semester is from the beginning of September to the end of December. The second semester From the beginning of January to April, the third semester will be suspended from the beginning of May to July.
Tuition Kindergarten is approximately 11,000 RM per year, 13,000 RM for primary schools, 16,000 RM for junior high schools, and 19,000 RM for high schools. A REGISTRATION FEE 6,000 RM is required for admission.
The school system is also a British system with 4 kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools.
Tuition Kindergarten is approximately 2,200 RM per year, Elementary School is approximately 4,500 RM, Junior High School is approximately 5,400 RM, and High School is approximately 6,500 RM
Each new student should pay ENROLLMENT FEE 2,500 RM.

5 How old is the age of studentship in Malaysia? What is the tuition fee?
Malaysia Student StatusEnrollment ageMalays tuitionTaiwan International School Tuition
Grade 1~6 (Primary)6~11 years oldabout NTD 9~150,000about NTD 15~250,000
Grade 7~9 (Secondary)12~14 years oldabout NTD 16~200,000NTD 20~300,000
10~11 grade (high school)15~16 years oldabout NTD 20~240,000about NTD 20~300,000